1. Do you Guarantee the Retweets Counts ?

Yes, we do Guarantee on Number of Retweets you receive.

2. Are they Real People Who Retweet ?

All profiles are real, each has 500+ followers, some has 1,000+ and even more. You will be able to track it right from your Tweet Link.

3. Do you Use any Automated Tools ?

No, Never, We donot do any Automation Tools or Bots with our Service.

4. Why should we use your Service ?

We Deliver Retweets from Real Twitter Accounts, especially from Bloggers around the world. We make a sense for the word "ReTweet".

5. Do You have Money Back Guarantee ?

Yes, 100% Money back Guarantee, if we fail to get the Retweets done on time.

6. How long it takes to deliver Retweets ?

Maximum of 24-72 Working hours is enough for us to get you 100+ Retweets for a single link/Tweet

7. What's the use in your Service ?

It increases your influence on twitter, you get brand name for your Blog or Website, so more traffic, more sales.

8. Does it help my Blog in Anyway ?

Yes it is ! Show out to advertisers that you have 100's of retweets on your Blog posts, it develops trust on the website, hence you get more advertisers, more Money.

9. Can i become a Celebrity Status with your Service ?

As per Klout, Twitter Influence ratio, Yes, we will be able to boost up your celebrity status.

10. Im a DJ, Will it help Me ?

Yes, Highly Usefull for DJ's. Spread out your newly composed music to 100's of Real People.